Sound System Requirements

We provide audio systems that vary from small full range rigs, for DJs or parties, all the way up to large scale concert or festival rigs.  Our sytems have evolved over time. They are not single brand off the shelf packages that anyone can buy, but custom designed systems.  For more information on our sound systems please See Here ...


Our speakers, both line array and point source, have been combined to provide quality bespoke audio systems.We have used our years of experience to select items which give the best results in the most demanding of conditions, and combined them to give the best performances.  We use units designed and constructed by Turbosound, Martin,  Nexo, Polaris, JBL, with driver units such as JBL, Eminence, Fane and Precision Dynamics. 

Sound System Knowledge

Through years of  experience we have learned  that each and every event demands a different set up,  therefore we gain as much information before we make any suggestions, as we feel that your event reflects on us.  All equipment is checked before and after every event and is regularly PAT tested.  For advice on the best system for your event, please call us and one of our qualified audio engineers will be happy to talk to you with no obligation whatsoever.  We are engineers... not salesmen.

2016 And Onwards

As of 2016 all on stage systems supplied by us will be digital systems.  We demand high reliability, high specifications and quality sound and new technology introduced in 2015 has made this possible.  Prior to November 2015 having a digital mixing system was tempting fate  and expecting a failure due to the inadequate systems being marketed.  With the systems that we have been testing, the intervention of new technology  and ground breaking design has revolutionised the mixing industry.

Outdoor Speakers ... The Truth

Forget all the marketing talk, the truth is loudspeakers create noise by vibrating and moving air to form sound waves.  The more air that is vibrated, the more sound waves are created.  If you want to hear music in an outdoor area you have to move a lot of air as there are no walls for the sound waves to reflect off and to bounce around the room.  There’s  a reason why a DJ uses small speakers; they are portable and are designed to use enclosed areas as bouncing boards.  This is just one reason why an open air speaker stack can be the size of a small’s all down to physics.  Read More ...
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