Before Refurbishment

After  Refurbishment

Over time speakers begin to look ‘weary’, even with the most careful of handlers the cabs will inevitably get scuffed and scratched. After all their purpose is to protect the drivers and simply through doing their job they will begin to look worn.
Previously the only way to remedy this has meant replacing the complete cab, sometimes even the whole speaker even though they work fine, but after many years of trying to overcome this we feel that we have come up with the solution; we can now re-paint moulded ABS (plastic) speakers.
To give that speaker the “New Look” it has to be treated in the correct manner. Over the years we have perfected the art of coating our speakers in a very tough, waterproof, finish that will enhance the overall look for years to come, and we can now do this for your speakers too.
We are able to finish the speaker in any colour you wish, the standard colours are black or white but we can also offer the option of Turbosound Blue, and we are able to create nearly any other colour that you require*.
This is a multi-stage task: the first stage is to strip the cabinet down to its bare components, the second is to prepare the cabinet for the final finish removing all traces of grease, fingerprints, dirt, dust, and then we apply a thin coat of additive to allow the final finish to bond with the cabinet.
The final stage is to apply the final finish, and allow it to settle and bond with the cabinet. This takes up to 24 hours to become touch dry. It is at this point that we leave it a further 24 hours to harden, then we start to rebuild the cabinet.
It is recommended that the cab be left for around two weeks for the final finish to harden and become a protective skin that will last a very long time, and whereas before you were still left with lighter coloured scratches, with our finish you should be able to just wipe the speaker clean to reproduce that “just bought” look.
The cost for each average size 15” speaker unit (around 30” x 18” x 18”) is 40*.
Other items can also be treated in this manner. If you would like to talk to us about your requirements or simply to find out more about the process just give us a call.
*Non-standard colours may require an additional charge, postage/delivery & collection not included.
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